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I-024 / I-024-1ML updated item number format

Interference Mix 2 (For Qualitative Use Only)

100 µg/mL of each analyte in Methanol |

Analytical Standard

A multi-component solution standard of routinely monitored over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs gabapentin, pregabalin, salicylic acid, valproic acid and vigabatrin. This standard is for qualitative use only in the evaluation of interferences between the mix components and target analytes of interest in a testing laboratory's analytical methods.
Concentration: 100 µg/mL of each analyte
Solvent: Methanol
Unit Size: 1 mL/ampoule
Certificate of Analysis:
US List Price:
$205.00 EA

This multi-component kit contains the following components - 100 µg/mL of each analyte:

ComponentCASMolecular WtChemical FormulaConcentration
Gabapentin60142-96-3 171.24C9H17NO2100 µg/mL
Pregabalin148553-50-8 159.23C8H17NO2100 µg/mL
Salicylic acid69-72-7 138.12C7H6O3100 µg/mL
Valproic acid99-66-1 144.21C8H16O2100 µg/mL
Vigabatrin60643-86-9 129.16C6H11NO2100 µg/mL

I-023 / I-023-1ML    Interference Mix 1 (For Qualitative Use Only), 100-1000 µg/mL  
I-025 / I-025-1ML    Interference Mix 3 (For Qualitative Use Only), 50-1000 µg/mL  
I-026 / I-026-1ML    Interference Mix 4 (For Qualitative Use Only), 5-100 µg/mL  
I-027 / I-027-1ML    Interference Mix 5, 100 µg/mL of each analyte  
I-028 / I-028-1ML    Interference Mix 6, 5-100 µg/mL  
I-029 / I-029-1ML    Interference Mix 7 (For Qualitative Use Only), 50-100 µg/mL (as free base)  
I-030 / I-030-1KIT    Interference Mix Kit (For Qualitative Use Only),Kit – 7 x1 mL; Kit contains 1 ampoule each of I-023, I-024, I-025, I-026, I-027, I-028, I-029  

Regulatory Control
▶  USDEA exempt chemical preparation - no USDEA registration or paperwork required
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Recommended Storage Condition

UN Number, Class, PG
1230, 3, II

Safety Data Sheet

HS Code

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