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Customer Notification: Changes to Cerilliant's Part Number Naming Convention

This notification is a follow-up to the August 31, 2016 notification regarding Cerilliant’s change to the naming convention for catalog numbers for products.  

The naming convention change involves including the pack size to the catalog number.  In the past, Cerilliant has used a letter followed by numbers to create a part number (i.e. A-003).  Using the new naming convention, the pack size will be added to the end of the number.  As an example: a 1 milliliter (mL) fill volume catalog product that in the past would have been assigned the catalog number “A-003” will now be “A-003-1ML”.

The first phase of the change began in September 2016 and affected only new products released by Cerilliant.

The second phase to this naming convention change will be coming in the first quarter of 2017 when Cerilliant migrates to a new enterprise software system.  As new lots of existing products are produced, the new catalog naming convention will be applied to those products.  This would mean that the existing catalog number would have the pack size added to the number and this would be the new catalog number going forward. This change affects only the catalog number as the product specifications and manufacturing processes remain the same.  

The following are examples of what to expect:

Current Catalog Number

New Catalog Number

Pack Size



1 milliliter fill



5 milligram fill



10 ampoule kit / 1.2 milliliter fill


A downloadable cross reference file for the catalog number changes is available to help you prepare for the changes. 

If you have any questions, please contact Cerilliant Technical Service at 1-800-848-7837 or at techserv@cerilliant.com

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