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Cerilliant is committed to quality at every level of the organization and sustains a robust, comprehensive, modern quality system that incorporates quality by design, risk assessment & management, and vigorous continuous improvement. Our quality foundation is our people — we have assembled a talented and experienced team with an unwavering commitment to quality. We build on that through adherence to rigorous and qualified processes that ensure quality every step of the way and back it up with fully documented proof, through the use of batch records to provide traceability of all materials used, equipment utilized and work performed, and our comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.

Cerilliant’s quality credentials include accreditations to ISO 17034, ISO/IEC 17025 and certification ISO 9001. Our quality system incorporates GMP and GLP requirements.

People are our foundation. Our deep scientific expertise and diverse backgrounds bring a wide range of knowledge and best practices to every project. It is this collective group of experiences and a collaborative culture that allows us to solve even the most challenging problems.

  • Our team’s expertise is leveraged across the organization from product and project design to execution. We provide comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions to a wide array of customer needs
  • Over 60% of the entire company hold science degrees; more than 25% hold advanced degrees
  • Stringent hiring practices company-wide, including rigorous background checks and drug screens
  • Continuous training and professional development programs ongoing quest for quality built into our culture – day in and day out we strive to provide the very best products and services
  • Comprehensive and rigorous improvement process that involves every employee and all facets of organization – we never stop thinking about improving everything we do and employees are empowered to monitor, maintain and improve at every step
  • Cross-functional teams for product design, process improvement and resolution of problems
  • Leadership team that encourages a collaborative, problem-solving culture that fuels innovation
  • Active participation by management in the design, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the quality system processes
  • Every project is fully and thoroughly documented in a batch record providing traceability of all components, calibrations and work performed
  • All operating procedures, material test specifications, and analytical methods are fully documented
  • Detailed product specifications established prior to production
  • Multiple levels of review before, during and after each project
  • Quality Assurance team audits each batch record and reviews all data prior to release
  • Full qualification of analytical equipment used for release testing of raw materials and final products
  • All vendors and components evaluated for quality prior to acceptance
  • Physical quarantine of materials awaiting QC
  • Mapped product storage areas with continuous electronic monitoring
  • Validated/qualified analytical methods and techniques
  • Critical production processes and systems are qualified to ensure quality, accuracy and repeatability
  • Full characterization and qualification of neat materials including identity, chromatographic purity, residual water, residual solvent, and residual inorganics
  • Full certification of solution-based products including purity, concentration, ampoule-to-ampoule consistency (homogeneity) as well as lot-to-lot consistency against stringent acceptance criteria
  • Real-time assessment of stability and setting of expiry dates and storage conditions based on scientific data
  • Internal audit programs and corrective / preventive action facilitate monitoring and continuous improvement across all processes and all departments
  • Data archival and backup systems and secondary support systems for critical equipment
  • Strong safety and environmental management programs
Cerilliant supports each product produced with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA). Cerilliant COAs for fully certified reference materials include uncertainty information in accordance with ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 and traceability information for satisfaction of regulatory requirements. We also provide full details of all analyses including acceptance criteria and actual results, analytical methods and run conditions, chromatograms and spectral data for raw materials, and analytical verification of solution purity, concentration and homogeneity. Custom COAs and reports can be produced to customer specifications on custom projects. Competency is further demonstrated by our multiple ISO accreditations which ensure that Cerilliant products and services meet the highest industry standards accepted across international borders.

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