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Cerilliant's highly degreed, cross-functional team is known for much more than just developing analytical reference standards. Our reputation is also based on the Cerilliant team's ability to approach each new challenge as visionaries; to grasp the issues that challenge our customers and innovate advanced solutions that address their specific needs. Cerilliant innovations include:

  • First to offer 13C standards for toxic PCDD and PCDF isomers (in cooperation with Cambridge Isotopes Laboratories)
  • First to offer 13C polybrominated dioxin and furans (in cooperation with Cambridge Isotopes Laboratories)
  • Pioneered commercially available certified solution standards and DEA exempt solution standards of controlled substances
  • First to receive Canadian exemptions (TK#s) for solution standards of controlled substances
  • Glucuronides of various opiates, cannabinoids and benzodiazepines
  • Aldehyde/ketone-DNPH standards
  • Snap-N-Shoot® standards for explosives detection
  • Stable labeled tricyclic antidepressants
  • Stable labeled benzodiazepines and their metabolites
  • Certified Spiking Solutions® for blood alcohol analysis
  • Chemical Warfare Treaty Verification Standards
  • Alpha/beta unsaturated ketones of opiates
  • P450 metabolites - labeled and unlabeled
  • First manufacturer to receive DOT exemptions for shipment of dilute explosive standards by air
  • Snap-N-Shoot® standards for phytochemicals and first solution based standards of Rebaudioside-A (Stevia)
  • Certified Spiking Solutions® for therapeutic & clinical monitoring applications including immunosuppressant spiking solutions and vitamin D & stable labeled vitamin D solutions
  • Custom packaging of biologics reference materials for pharma industry including into cryule ampoules
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