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Acylcarnitines Mix 3 (C8:1,C10:1,C12:1,C14:1,C14:2,C16:1,C18:1,C18:2)

100-200 ug/mL in Methanol:1% aqueous formic acid (90:10) (v/v) |

Certified Reference Material

Concentration: 100-200 ug/mL
Solvent: Methanol:1% aqueous formic acid (90:10) (v/v)
Unit Size: 1 mL/Ampoule
Certificate of Analysis:
US List Price:
$2,999.00 EA

This multi-component kit contains the following components - 100-200 ug/mL:

ComponentCASMolecular WtChemical FormulaConcentration
cis,cis-9,12-octadecadienoyl-L-carnitine36816-10-1 423.63C25H45NO4100 ug/mL
cis-cis-5,8-tetradecandienoyl-L-carnitine1469901-01-6 367.52C21H37NO4100 ug/mL
oleoyl-L-carnitine38677-66-6 425.65C25H47NO4200 ug/mL
trans-2-decenoyl-L-carnitineNOT AVAILABLE 313.43C17H31NO4100 ug/mL
trans-2-dodecenoyl-L-carnitine1631992-06-7 341.49C19H35NO4100 ug/mL
trans-2-hexadecenoyl-L-carnitine26145-55-1 397.59C23H43NO4100 ug/mL
trans-2-octenoyl-L-carnitine152064-94-3 285.38C15H27NO4100 ug/mL
trans-2-tetradecenoyl-L-carnitine1256380-19-4 369.54C21H39NO4100 ug/mL

A-141-1ML    Acylcarnitines Mix 1 (C0,C2), 10 mg/mL (each analyte as free base)  

Recommended Storage Condition
Ultra Freezer

UN Number, Class, PG
1230, 3, II

Safety Data Sheet

HS Code

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