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Chemical in E-Cigarettes Linked to Development of ‘Popcorn Lung’ Disease
The Wall Street Journal, in its December 9th, 2015, on-line edition, highlighted the results of a Harvard University study showing that e-cigarettes contain a chemical linked with ‘popcorn lung’, a severe respiratory disease. The study was published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (Study Finds E-Cigarettes Contain Chemical Tied to ‘Popcorn Lung’).
In their study, researchers at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health tested 51 types of e-cigarette flavors sold by leading-cigarette brands as various additives. The researchers found that 39 of the 51 flavors contained diacetyl, a chemical commonly used to add flavorings including caramel, butter, strawberry and butterscotch. The study also found two other chemicals - 2,3-pentanedione and acetonin, respectively - that were present in 23 and 46 of the 51 e-cigarette flavors.
According to the article, the most salient aspect of the study is its finding of diacetyl in a high percentage of e-cigarette flavors. Inhalation of diacetyl reportedly caused respiratory disease among microwave-popcorn workers in the early 2000s, coining the term 'popcorn lung' to describe the illness. The authors commented that since e-cigarette flavors are heated and vaporized, a smoker's exposure is similar to that of workers in the microwave-popcorn industry.   
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