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Netherlands Designer Drug Awards 2014 - Winners and Losers
A December 24, 2014, article in the online news site VICE highlights the latest novel psychoactive substance (NPSs) to emerge over the past year. In the article, the author awards titles to specific NPS drugs from categories such as psychedelics, stimulants, and benzodiazepines to synthetic cannabinoids and dissociative hallucinogens (The VICE Netherlands Designer Drug Awards 2014).
To compile the list (see below), the author consulted designer drug reviewers from the website Chemsrus, analyzed drug trends from Google Analytics®, and browsed different online drug forums. 
  • Most innovative drug of 2014 — LSZ, a hallucinogen with similar sensory altering effects as LSD but with less duration.
  • Most obscure drug of 2014 — 5-DBFPV, a synthetic cathinone that has comparable euphoric effects to MDPV.
  • Fastest riser of 2014 — 3,4-CTMP, a stimulant that according to the authors was the most searched substance in a prominent online drug forum.
  • Newest drug of 2014 — 3-Fluorophenmetrazine (3-FPM), a stimulant that emerged online in November 2014.
  • Biggest loser of 2014 — Empathogens (drugs like MDMA). According to the author, drugs such as 5-EAPB and 5-MAPB began to wane in popularity in 2014 after drug reviewers reported negative experiences.
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