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Should Testosterone Levels be Monitored during Methadone Maintenance Treatment?
A study published in the August 26, 2014, journal Scientific Reports has shown that methadone, a widely used analgesic for opioid addiction treatment, has a dose-dependent suppressive effect on testosterone levels in men. For women participants, no significant correlation between methadone use and testosterone levels was discovered. The study’s authors recommend that testosterone levels of men undergoing opioid therapy be checked at regular intervals in order to treat possible testosterone deficiency (Methadone induces testosterone suppression in patients with opioid addiction).
For the study, testosterone levels of 131 men and 100 women who were undergoing methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) for the management of opioid addiction were compared to control participants who were not using opioids. The study found that men with opioid dependence undergoing MMT had on average three times less the levels of testosterone than men in the control group. The average levels of testosterone for women undergoing MMT did not significantly differ from controls. The study also revealed a positive association between serum testosterone levels in men and the number of cigarettes smoked daily.
The study concluded that investigation into sex hormones other than testosterone may provide greater insight into the biological effects of methadone and its possible influence on female hormone levels. They speculate that levels of the female hormone β-Estradiol, the primary sex hormone in women, may be affected by opioid treatment. The authors note that future studies may include the effect of testosterone therapy on risk of relapse and methadone maintenance therapy outcomes.
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