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Analytical Reference Standards: Synthesis and Characterization of Cocaine N-oxide HCl

Authors: Yunming Ying, Brian Schulmeier, Uma Sreenivasan, Isil Dilek, Genevieve Rodgers, Sandra Ybarra
Presented at Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT), Orlando, FL, October 28-November 1, 2013

Cocaine has been one of the most widespread illicit drugs of abuse in the US. Cocaine-N-oxide is a common metabolite found in hair of cocaine users. Cocaine N-oxide readily degrades to cocaine and norcocaine on GC/MS due to the compound's sensitivity to heat. Testing laboratories are developing LC/MS methods for direct screening and quantitation of this metabolite to monitor cocaine use in matrices such as hair. Certified Reference Materials (CRM) of high purity Cocaine N-oxide and its internal standard are required for accurate quantitation. Cocaine N-oxide is a mixture of equatorial and axial isomers.
To synthesize cocaine N-oxide HCl, characterize the isomers purity, and certify at a level suitable as a certified  analytical reference standard in quantitative application. To determine the stability profile of the two isomers and identify the degradation product.  To develop stable solution based CRMs of Cocaine N-oxide HCl and it’s deuterated analog. 

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