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Preparation, Uncertainty & Certification of Ethanol Standards

Authors: Ning Change PhD, Isil Dilek PhD, Bryan Dockery, Kevin Gates, Huahua Jian PhD, Mitzi Rettinger, Krystal Silva, Uma Sreenivasan PhD
Presented at TIAFT, August 2009

Ethanol reference standards are widely used in the forensics industry for determination of blood alcohol content. Accuracy of the standards is critical to the quantitative determination of ethanol in samples. The manufacture, certification and uncertainty of Cerilliant Ethanol Standards are presented in this poster. ISO/IEC 17025 requires traceability and uncertainty to be reported for reference materials used in quantitative testing applications. ISO guide 34 provides a framework for certification of reference standards as certified reference materials (CRM) with comprehensive uncertainty. Uncertainty can only be properly calculated after undergoing a thorough evaluation of all possible contributing factors.

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