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Cerilliant Adds Millrock Max 85 Series Lyophilizer

February, 2011. Cerilliant Corporation announces the addition of a Millrock Max 85 Series Lyophilizer. The Millrock freeze dryer expands Cerilliant’s custom packaging offering and allows for the drying of a quantitative amount of powders in vials where solutions may not be viable due to stability or other reasons. The freeze dryer will accommodate 2, 5, and 10 mL vials or bulk drying. Vial capacity ranges from 3024-6570 vials with a bulk capacity of 27L.

The PLC controlled Millrock freeze dryer has been fully qualified through an extensive installation and operational qualification protocol and is available for custom projects. The sophisticated control system with multiple program options allows us to specify and monitor conditions for odd or relatively complex freezing or drying routines. The Millrock Max 85 has ten thermocouples available for measuring product temperature and utilizes -85°C condenser temperature (vs. others at -45°C).

This state-of-the-art equipment significantly enhances Cerilliant’s capabilities for the custom packaging of reference standards and reagents for clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical and research fields.

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