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Cerilliant Certified Solution Standards and Certified Spiking Solutions® offer a significant advantage over the use of neat reference materials in terms of accuracy, consistency and stability.

Cerilliant Certified Solutions
Solutions Prepared in the Lab from Neat Materials
Stability over time
  • Years (>5 years for some materials)
  • Real time stability data used to establish shelf life
  • Flame sealed amber ampoules protect from air, light and changes in concentration
  • Inert gas displaces oxygen prior to sealing
  • Weeks-Months
  • Stability data has to be collected to support use
Lot to lot consistency / reproducibility / accuracy
  • Gravimetrically prepared using balances calibrated with NIST traceable weights - all weighings with ≤0.1% relative error
  • Reduced analytical variability from time to time and across locations through consistency and accuracy of standard preparation
  • Prepared using validated processes to ensure accuracy and homogeneity
  • Neat materials fully characterized and standard concentration properly adjusted for chromatographic purity, residual solvent, water, and inorganic content
  • Gravimetric addition of solvents eliminates inaccuracies resulting from changes in material density and use of visual read lines on volumetric flasks – balance tapes provide traceability
  • Sealed ampoules protect from concentration changes
  • Frequent smaller weighings may not be sufficiently accurate due to the sample size and relative error of the analytical balance – minimum 25mg weighing necessary on typical 5-place balance
  • Multiple lots increase potential for variability
  • Often prepared volumetrically – use of class A volumetric glassware has higher relative error than 5-place analytical balance
  • Volumetric preparation increases variability without environmental controls due to temperature impact on material density
  • Volumetric preparation introduces subjectivity due to visual read lines
  • Potential for concentration changes during storage due to evaporation of solvent or precipitation of analyte
Convenience of use
  • Snap-N-Shoot® | Snap-N-Spike®
  • Multi-component solutions for complex analysis/system suitability – fast and easy
  • DEA / Health Canada exemptions available easing use, storage, and distribution challenges
  • Uncertainty and traceability information included on COA to support regulatory requirements
  • Weigh and dilute, store or dispose of remaining
  • Regulatory paperwork for DEA controlled materials
  • Uncertainty values to be determined based on preparer’s equipment, processes and procedures
Efficiency/cost of materials
  • Large batches are preserved in small single use format
  • No waste of neat materials
  • Less material required over time

  • Frequent weighings – more transfer loss and more risk of contamination of bulk material
  • Larger weighings necessary for accuracy create larger batches that may go unused due to short shelf life - material wasted
  • More frequent preparation – more disposal

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