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500 µg/mL in 90:10 MeOH:DMSO |

Certified Reference Material

A certified solution standard for use in LC/MS or GC/MS applications in clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, pharmaceutical research or diagnostic testing. Baclofen, a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), is a muscle relaxant used to treat spasticity. Marketed with brand names such as Kemstro, Lioresal or Gablofen, the drug has also shown effectiveness in the treatment of alcoholism. Discontinuation of baclofen can be associated with a withdrawal syndrome resembling benzodiazepine or alcohol withdrawal.
Concentration: 500 µg/mL
Solvent: 90:10 MeOH:DMSO
Unit Size: 1 mL/ampoule
CAS Number:


Chemical Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Certificate of Analysis:
US List Price:
$83.90 EA

B-067 / B-067-1ML    (±)-Baclofen-D4, 100 μg/mL  
B130085-25 / B130085-25MG    Baclofen-d5,25 mg  

Recommended Storage Condition

UN Number, Class, PG
UN2811, class 6.1, PG 3

Safety Data Sheet

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