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Norcarfentanil-13C6 oxalate

100 ug/mL in Methanol |

Certified Reference Material

This stable labeled internal standard is suitable for quantitation of Norcarfentanil in fentanyl GC/MS or LC/MS methods for applications in clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, prescription monitoring or urine drug testing. Norcarfentanil is a major urinary metabolite of carfentanil, a potent synthetic opioid analgesic drug structurally related to fentanyl. It is used in combination with other opioids and analgesics to induce or supplement general anesthesia.
Concentration: 100 ug/mL
Solvent: Methanol
Unit Size: 0.5 mL/Ampoule
CAS Number:


Chemical Formula:

13C6C10H22N2O3 · C2H2O4

Molecular Weight:


Certificate of Analysis:
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US List Price:
$175.00 EA

This multi-component kit contains the following components - 100 ug/mL:

ComponentCASMolecular WtChemical FormulaConcentration
Norcarfentanil-13C6 oxalateN-129-0.5ML   100 ug/mL
Norcarfentanil-13C6 oxalate Overpack CanN-129-CAN    

N-114-1EA    Norcarfentanil oxalate, 100 μg/mL (as free base)  

Regulatory Control
▶  Product controlled in Canada - Health Canada import authorization required
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Recommended Storage Condition

UN Number, Class, PG
1230, 3, II

Safety Data Sheet
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