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Hallucinogenic Plant May Treat Diabetes, Study Suggests
A new study suggests that the chemical harmine found in ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew made from a plant that grows in the Amazon, may have efficacy in the treatment of diabetes. The study, published in Nature Medicine, is highlighted by Newsweek in its March 13, 2015, on-line issue (Chemical in Ayahuasca Has Potential to Treat Diabetes).

In the study, scientists screened 100,000 drugs with the aim of discovering compounds that could regenerate insulin producing cells—also known as beta islets—that are diminished in people with type I and type II diabetes. Of all the compounds screened, only harmine demonstrated an ability to regenerate these cells. After identifying harmine as a potential candidate, the scientists implanted beta islet cells into mice and then administered harmine to them. Mice administered harmine exhibited a 3-fold increase in the number of beta cells and had greatly improved blood sugar levels.
The study's authors wrote that harmine's psychoactive characteristics may make it unsuitable for therapeutic use. They suggest that further studies be conducted to determine harmine analogs or similar substances that can cause beta cells to proliferate at levels relevant for diabetes treatment without causing unwanted psychoactive effects.
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