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Oklahoma Governor Announces Support for Cannabidiol Medical Trials
An article published in the August 13, 2014, online edition of the Wall Street Journal, reports that the governor of Oklahoma has asked state lawmakers to allow medical trials which explore the use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in treating disorders that cause seizures and strokes in young children. If state lawmakers back her effort, then Oklahoma would join states such as Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi that have recently allowed the limited use of CBD in treating certain medical conditions (Oklahoma Governor Shows Support for Testing a Form of Medical Marijuana).
Animal studies and anecdotal reports have suggested that CBD may have therapeutic efficacy in the management of certain seizure disorders. This research, as well as the relocation of some families to states that allow the medicinal use of CBD, has increased public support for legislation that legalizes CBD trials. According to Karmen Hanson, a medical marijuana policy expert for the National Conference of State Legislatures, “legalizing CBD trials is growing in popularity, allowing states to respond to demand from some constituents without passing comprehensive medical marijuana laws.”
The governor, as well as members of the Oklahoma state legislature, oppose legalizing marijuana for recreational and most medical uses. Despite this opposition, there is strong desire among some Oklahomans for comprehensive medical marijuana legislation. The article reports that a group called Oklahomans for Health has registered more than 24,000 new voters with the hope of getting a measure to legalize medical marijuana on Oklahoma’s general election ballot in November.
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