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Synthetic Cannabinoid Use Linked to Kidney Toxicity

A study published in the August, 2014, on-line edition of the journal, Clinical Toxicology, highlights a potential link with synthetic cannabinoid use and acute kidney toxicity. The authors reported that third generation and emerging synthetic cannabinoids may increase the risk of nephrotoxicity over previous generation cannabinoids. The authors recommend that when evaluating patients with unexpected clinical syndromes that clinicians inquire and test for potential substance abuse, including designer drugs (Acute kidney injury associated with smoking synthetic cannabinoid).  

In the study, researchers sponsored by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oregon Public Health Division, and the University of California among others, analyzed a cluster of acute kidney injury among nine previously healthy males. The patients were admitted to Oregon and southwest Washington hospitals after smoking synthetic cannabinoid products during May-October 2012. The third generation synthetic cannabinoid XLR-11 was identified in one available clinical sample and in two product samples provided by the users. A separate analysis of cannabinoid product brands revealed that the products purchased by three of the patients contained XLR-11.
The authors of the study suggest that synthetic cannabinoids with long half-lives, such as XLR-11, may increase the risk of nephrotoxicity. The mechanism of how this would occur, however, remains undetermined. The authors stress that further research is required to elucidate the associations between synthetic cannabinoids, their metabolite levels, and clinical symptoms such as acute kidney injury.
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