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Low Estradiol Levels Linked to Heart Disease Risk in Women
A new study appearing in the May 22, 2014, on-line edition of the Journal of Lipid Research, has shown that low levels of the hormone estradiol during menopause can increase a woman’s risk for developing heart disease. The study suggests that there may be value in evaluating the quality of cholesterol carriers in women early in menopause (Lipoprotein subclasses and endogenous sex hormones in women at midlife).
In the study, researchers measured the size, distribution, and concentration of different types of lipoproteins that carry cholesterol in the blood. They discovered that decreasing levels of estradiol were associated with higher concentrations of low-quality LDL and HDL particles. The study evaluated 120 women, who were on average 50 years old and not on hormone replacement therapy. According to the lead investigator, Samar R. El Khoudary, an assistant professor in the University of Pittsburg Graduate School of Health, these results “underscore the importance of having clinicians aware of these risk factors and prepared to work with their patient to help them best mitigate these risks.”
Previous studies have evaluated the link between levels of female hormones and cholesterol carriers in women experiencing menopause, but these studies did not examine the quality of the cholesterol carrier molecules. The study’s authors stress that these results are by no means definitive, and that another study with a larger sample size is needed to link fluctuations in female hormone levels and the quality of cholesterol carriers with heart disease.
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