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Certificates of Analysis (COAs) & Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

The Opioid CRM Kits contain five groups of certified reference materials. The (COAs) & Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for the CRMs in each group are available via links below.

Group 1 CRMs
(±)-beta-Hydroxythiofentanyl HCl
(±)-beta-Hydroxythiofentanyl-13C6 HCl
4-Fluoro fentanyl-13C6
4'methyl acetyl fentanyl HCl
4'methyl acetyl fentanyl-13C6 HCl
Acetyl fentanyl
Acetyl fentanyl-13C6
Acryl fentanyl HCl
Acryl fentanyl-13C6 HCl
Butyryl fentanyl
Butyryl fentanyl-13C6
Cyclopropyl fentanyl HCl
Cyclopropyl fentanyl-13C6 HCl
Furanyl fentanyl HCl
Furanyl fentanyl-13C6 HCl
Methoxyacetyl fentanyl HCl
Methoxyacetyl fentanyl-13C6 HCl
para-Fluorobutyryl fentanyl (PFBF)
para-Fluorobutyryl fentanyl-13C6
Remifentanil HCl
Remifentanil-13C6 HCl
U-47700-13C3, 15N2
Valeryl Fentanyl- 13C6 HCl
Valeryl fentanyl HCl

Group 2 CRMs
(±)-cis-3-Methylfentanyl HCl
3-Methyl fentanyl-13C6 HCl

Group 3 CRMs
Carfentanil Oxalate
Carfentanil-13C6 oxalate

Group 4 CRMs
Benzylfentanyl HCl
Benzylfentanyl-13C6 HCl
Norfentanyl Oxalate
Norfentanyl-13C6 oxalate
U-48800 HCl
U-48800-13C3, 15N2 HCl

Group 5 CRMS
Norcarfentanil Oxalate
Norcarfentanil-13C6 oxalate

The emerging certified reference materials for opioid response testing and receipient laboratory support program

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